International Education Association Limited is founded by Evangelical School Development Incorporation Ltd., Hong Kong Free Methodist Church and Hong Kong Evangelical Church. IEAL has registered to be a limited company through HKSAR Companies Registry in 28th July, 2009. At the same time, IEAL has obtained to register to be a tax-exempt Charity by HKSAR Inland Revenue Department. The organisation can issue tax-free receipt to the donor.

IEAL devotes to assemble Christian's power to provide Biblical Holistic Educaion for the places in needed. IEAL has also collaborated with Missionary Society and Church to build up school, so that we can develop campus pastoral work, gospel work and teacher's training. We hope these works can help the staff and students to be a great leader, who is ready to serve others and have excellent knowledge, so that they can handle the local Biblical Holistic Education in the future.

IEAL has developed the first school - Kurmul International School in Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, and the new school building and a Hall has been finished already. The school has already started in 5th September, 2011. In the first year, Primary one and two classes has been set up. We hope the school can provide Primary and Secondary Education, furthermore we plan to provide our students an opportunity to have their Tertiary Education either in Cambodia and the other countries.